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For the past 20 years, The Mombasa Relief Initiative has been working hard to get Kenyan youth educated. The MRI has had success getting youth from primary through High School but the completive nature of higher education in Kenya has left a lot of bright, hardworking youth with very few career options after secondary school.

In September 2022, we started the haircare initiative; this program is a 3-month program that teaches young ladies of all ages how to braid and care for hair in the heat and humidity of Kenya.


This program is run through a partnership with one of the largest haircare suppliers in Kenya; this ensures these young ladies are getting the training needed to be proficient in their new careers.

After completing the 3-month course these young ladies will have a skill that is always in demand, the ability to do hair. During the first three months, we didn't solicit any donations for this program because we didn't know what all the expenses are; we have now identified all expenses and come up with a sponsorship price for an individual student.

The cost to cover training for a student is $50, this will cover instruction, materials, and hair supplies for the 3 months. Each class will have women of all ages as well as handicapped women.

The next class has started, and we are seeking sponsors for the students; please sponsor a student and give a young lady the ability to be self-sufficient. Thanks for helping us help others.

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