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Our Story

Starting in 1993, members of MRI began visiting Kenya on vacation and to collect African art for resale in the United States. However, the more trips we made, the more we fell in love with the people and culture. Finally, in March 2001, the group while in Mombasa decided to act.

The initial motivation was having the opportunity to feed over 200 children at the Bombululu Village, a handicapped workshop in Mombasa. Although we felt good about the initial act, we knew that much more was needed.

Once back in the United States, our group met and laid the groundwork for the Mombasa Relief Initiative. After Fifteen years, five of our current Board members are still active on our Board.

image 27.jpeg

Executive Board Members 

Terrill Facen

Richard Harris

​Lisa Drayton
Don Harris

 Board Members

Kelvin Bledsoe
Monique Bernoudy
Angie Mitchell
Jourdan Facen


Founding Board Members who are now serving in heaven

Amos Ellis
Tywayne Wilson

Anna Seboru is the Executive Director of MRI.  She is a native Kenyan and represents MRI locally in Mombasa, Kenya (East Africa).

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