An Education, Health and Economic Enrichment initiative for the children of Mombasa, Kenya.
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What We Do New Two 2021

The Mombasa Relief Initiative (MRI) was conceived based on the collective vision of seven Americans and two Kenyans who wanted to find a uniform way to provide help and assistance to the children of Mombasa, Kenya. Beginning in 1993, these individuals started going to Kenya on vacation to buy art for sale in the U.S. These trips grew into a great love for the people and culture of Kenya. Eventually, in March 2001, they formed MRI, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. MRI’s mission is to serve the children of Mombasa, Kenya through three key initiatives: (1) Health (2) Education and (3) Economic Empowerment. These initiatives are addressed in several programs, one of which is our Feminine Products Program.

What We've Done 2021
  • Shipped four ocean freight containers of school and medical equipment during 2002, ‘04, ’06 and ‘10
  • Funding nutritional programs at three schools that feed 600 kids per day, providing lunch and a snack since 2006
  • Built chicken coops at two schools that enable the schools to produce their own poultry and generate income since 2009
  • Installed water lines, pumps, reservoir tanks, bathrooms and electricity at five schools
  • Funding a female hygiene program for school-aged girls requiring them from 2007 – present
  • Provided mosquito nets for 100 special-needs students
  • Facilitating annual HIV/AIDS awareness seminars and providing condoms since 2002
  • Providing educational sponsorship for over 500 primary and secondary students 20 years since 2001
  • Provided enough medical equipment to furnish a entire medical clinic in 2006
  • Supplement salaries of teachers at three since 2001
  • Provided farmers with hand tools to increase production
  • Supplied main frame and lap to computers to two schools
  • Donated a milking cow to resident school for students with disabilities to provide fresh milk to the students: Cows now in the third generation
  • Created a program Girl Power Program to mentor and empower young female students
  • Created a Boys to Men Program to mentor young male students
  • Built 4 chicken coops that provides eggs to 5 schools
  • Built a library at two schools
  • Provided mosquito nets for 100 special-needs students
  • Created a feminine hygiene program
  • Created a pen pal program that ties Primary schools in Mombasa Kenya to selected schools in the United states
  • Conduct semi-annual trips to Mombasa Kenya to provide supporters a chance to work on sponsored projects
  • Painted Victoria Baptist Church
  • Painted four rooms at Mnazi Moja Primary School
  • Painted 4 rooms at Peter of the Rock School for children with mental disabilities
  • Rebuilt and Painted Girl Power Classroom at Victoria Baptist Primary School
  • Painted and refurbished the Teacher's Lounge at Victoria Baptist Primary School
  • Conducted Medical Mission that had over 600 children dewormed
  • Conducted Educational Seminars that trained teachers on multiple teaching strategies
  • Created employment pathway with corporations and businesses to transition and employ students graduating from Secondary School (High School)
  • Formed a partnership with the Government of Mombasa and Kilifi counties to provide services to their youth
What We've Done 2021
What We Do New Two 2021
Programs New
Programs 2021

Our education initiatives have provided the tools necessary for students to be successful, such as student sponsorships, text books, desks, electricity and other basic school supplies.

Our Health programs focus on education and intervention to address basic and critical health needs. We provide feminine products, HIV/Aids workshops, mosquito nets, nutrition programs and much more.

We empower Kenyans through our Poultry Program, Cow Purchase Program and other training programs that allow them to provide their own food and resources.

Education Programs


This is MRI’s oldest running program. It pays the annual school fees of deserving students and seeks to create a relationship between student and sponsor. Since its inception this program has paid the school fees of hundreds of students. This program is actively seeking donors to sponsor students.


This program either pays for school teachers’ salary or provides a bonus to teachers at select schools. In 2016, all teachers at one school were provided a bonus of one month’s pay from MRI.


High risk, high reward program. The reward is the shipping of much needed school and medical supplies to Mombasa via an ocean freight container. The risk is dealing with the Port of Mombasa which can be frustrating due to corruption. This program was started because of the lack of desks and books at the schools we support. We have shipped 4 ocean freight containers over the last 15 years and now there are desks in every classroom. At this time we have no plans to do another shipment.

Health Programs


Female students were missing school every month due to lack of sanitary napkins. Since 2007 we have provided sanitary napkins to 200 girls every month. This program also provides undergarments for female students.


MRI provides lunch for two of our sponsored schools two to five days per week. Additional sponsorship is needed in this area.


We currently partner with Tumaini Children’s Home. This is a thriving school for children who are impacted by the AIDS epidemic.

Economic Enrichment Programs


In Kenya young girls face more obstacles than any other group or demographic. They are the last to be educated and the first to be exploited. Since our inception in 2001, the Mombasa Relief Initiative has always been sensitive to the needs of young female students. Student sponsorship, girls’ seminars and feminine hygiene program are all geared to empower girls in Mombasa and keep them in school. In 2014 we started an all-encompassing program named “Girl power” this program will provide educational, vocational and internships to the female students we support.


While not a program this initiative has included installing water lines, water pumps, reservoir tanks, electricity, bathrooms, computer labs, libraries and other vocational equipment in the schools we support.


This program incorporates all three of the initiatives listed in our mission statement. The 500 layers add protein to the students’ diet (Health); the students will be transported to the chicken coop daily and will be taught the proper way to raise chickens and cows (Education); and the coop will sell enough eggs to be self-sustaining (Empowerment).


Boys to men is a program designed to improve the self-confidence of young men through sports and social interaction.

Programs 2021
Programs New
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    In 2023, the Mombasa Relief Initiative will host two trips to Mombasa, Kenya. We would love for you to join us! We encourage our volunteers, donors and those who want to experience a mixture of a mission trip with a wonderful vacation to join us. We have years of experience in coordinating trips to Kenya.

    March 8th – March 18th, 2023

    $3,500– Double Occupancy or
    $3,800 – Single Occupancy
    (non-refundable deposit – $500 October 5th, 2022)
    2nd payment – $750 November 5th, 2022
    3rd payment – $750 December 5th, 2022
    4th payment – $750 January 5th, 2023
    Final payment – $750 February 5th, 2023

    July 15th – July 25th, 2023

    $3,500- Double Occupancy
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    4th payment – $600 April 5th, 2023
    5th payment – $600 May 5th, 2023
    Final payment – $600 June 5th, 2023

    Trip Includes:

    • Round trip airfare from Chicago O'Hare airport
    • Accommodations at the Voyager Beach Resort
    • Safari with accommodations, safari and meals, Tsavo East National Park
    • Dinner Boat Cruise and other outings such as Fort Jesus
    • Breakfast, dinner and non-alcoholic drinks
    • In-country scheduled transportation
    • Welcome orientation and reception
    • And more!

    Trip Details:

    • Rates are subject to change if initial $500 non-refundable deposit is not received above mentioned date.
    • If payment has been made and there is a need to cancel trip prior to us purchasing airline ticket and/or other paid/committed services, we will refund amount paid minus the initial $500 non-refundable deposit.

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