“Eggs for Empowerment” Phase 2

Phase 2 of the “Eggs for Empowerment” program has begun, this phase will elevate the existing coop into a program that will feed, educate and empower the 800 students the MRI supports in Kenya. We have added another chicken house at Pwani, this new structure will give us the ability to raise 2 flocks (300 birds in each flock) simultaneously.

This move ensures we will have birds for sale every month for our growing customer base; it also creates the income needed to be self-sustaining and allows us to donate all the eggs laid to our various partners schools.

Phase two Components:

  1. Van Purchase
  2. Incubator
  3. Generator
  4. 3 new chicken houses
  5. Camera Security systems
  6. Teacher/ trainer for students
  7. Solar Power

MRI 2016 was a Year of Accomplishment

MRI would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all of our supporters for making 2016 a banner year. Thanks to you we have been able to fulfill out motto of “Helping a Village Raise a Child” in 2016. With your gifts we were able to accomplish the following:

  • Annual Academic Tuition Sponsorships for 35 students
  • 20,000 eggs either donated and/or sold  to local and surrounding communities
  • Provided water pump and generator to school in South Coast that not only make it possible to create a garden for food to feed the students, but also was used by the local community to water their animals.
  • Purchased pregnant milking cow that provided milk to 110 children at Pwani School for the mentally challenged
  • Provided 200 girls with feminine hygiene products once a quarter to ensure that they do not miss any classroom time
  • Provided enhanced academic, social, cultural, and developmental training to 35 identified young ladies on a quarterly basis to level the playing field to overcome gender bias that is prevalent on the continent. This is our “Girl Power,” program,
  • Rebuilt, restocked, and re-established eggs for empowerment at Peter of the Rock school for the physically disabled
  • Provided medical supplies to Tsunami Home for children born with HIV
  • Conducted HIV training and awareness classes and seminars to high risk population in Mombasa
  • Provided supplemental income/bonuses to teachers at Mnazi Moja Primary Schools

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#MRI #charity #dogood #donate #foundation #fundraising  #humanity #hunger #impact #notforprofit  #philanthropy  #SM4NP #socialgood #SocialGoodSummit #activism

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